Firewarm 6kW Cassette Stove



The Firewarm 6kW Cassette Stove may be small in proportion, but it produces an outstanding amount of heat. This contemporary stove can be retro-fitted into any solid fuel fireplace and will be the focal point of your room.


  • Pre-heated airwash system for cleaner glass
  • Pre-heated tertiary air for clean burn
  • Can be retro-fitted into an existing fireplace
  • Primary & secondary air regulators
  • Greater fire/flame visibility

Weight: 66.5kg

Heat output: 6kW / 17,000BTU

Fuel: Wood. if burning coal a multi fuel kit must be used. This kit is available to purchase separately. (wood moisture content should be below 20% for optimum burning)

Energy efficiency: 80.4%