Mendip 5 & 8 External Air Stoves


The simple lines and compact size of the Mendip 5 & 8 blend easily into any environment, creating a roomful of warmth. The tough British made steel body and cast iron door is designed to last.


  • Cast iron door
  • Milled stainless steel handle
  • Cast iron grate
  • Steel baffle
  • Deep enamel shine on enamel models
  • Air wash to keep glass clean


Mendip-5-Glossy-Black-CO-30DEG-150x150 Mendip-5-Ivory-CO-30DEG.1-150x150 Mendip-8-Claret-CO-30DEG.1-150x150 Mendip-8-Powder-Blue-CO-30DEG-150x150